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The Contractor’s Voice is here to help you save time and money. Learn more about what to expect of a new customer from other contractors experiences.

How it works

Every customer is rated on a five star scale with five questions we feel will give you the best overview of the contractor’s experience. There is a comments section available at the bottom of the ratings page for you to voice any feedback you did not feel was covered by our questions. Each customer will have an overall rating, and you will be able to read the individual ratings left by previous contractors. When looking for a customer you will simply search by their phone number.

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Why collaborate with us?

Our client database is growing every day allowing access to information that can help grow your business.


You rate clients on key qualities: time, accountability, cooperation, payment, transactions and respect.

Currently, we’re home to many types of businesses including HVAC, hardwood flooring and remodeling.


It is what you put into it! Spending the time to store and capture information that benefits your crew, your business and building your community has benefits in the long run.


Pay it forward

This web site only works if everybody contributes ratings and personal experiences. Help out fellow contractors by leaving feedback about the customers you have had an opportunity to work with.

Play Nice

While we want the good, the bad and the ugly, there’s no reason to be ugly. Please refrain from using any racist remarks or profanity. Save the “soap box speeches” for your inner circle. Also, positive reviews are encouraged just as much, if not more, than the negative.

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